Apple Might Finally Be Paying The Price For The Butterfly Keyboard

You might have heard that Apple is finally paying the price for their butterfly keyboard debacle. In a recent article, it was reported that Apple will pay $50M to settle the case and avoid a trial. Now that Apple has put this issue behind them, they can move on and continue providing amazing products with innovative features.

Why did Apple make a Butterfly Keyboard?

Apple has long been known for its sleek and innovative designs, but the butterfly keyboard may have been a mistake. The keyboard design was first introduced with the iPhone 6 and 6S, and was meant to make typing easier for users with large hands. However, some users say that the keyboard is difficult to use and can be frustratingly slow.

The problem seems to stem from the way that the butterfly design works. Instead of having keys that are spread out evenly across the width of the keyboard, Apple uses two sets of keys on either side of the space bar. This means that when you’re typing on a butterfly keyboard, your fingers have to travel a lot further than they would on a traditional keyboard in order to hit an adjacent key. This can lead to fatigue and slower typing speeds.

Apple may finally be paying the price for this controversial keyboard design. Reports indicate that sales of keyboards with traditional key layouts are increasing as people become more frustrated with using butterfly keyboards. It remains to be seen whether or not Apple will change its keyboard design in future products, but it’s likely that this controversy will continue until it does.

How many people have been injured by the butterfly keyboard?

There have been many reports of people injured by the butterfly keyboard on Apple products. Injuries range from minor skin irritations to more serious injuries like finger amputation. The reason for all these injuries is that the butterfly keyboard is very difficult to use and requires a lot of muscle memory and dexterity.

How will Apple pay for the settlement?

Apple is set to pay out millions of dollars in a settlement with consumers who were affected by the “butterfly keyboard” issue. The company has been facing lawsuits from customers who claim that their keyboards became disabled after months or even years of use. Apple released a recall for the keyboards in October 2018, but it’s unclear how much money the company will pay out as part of this settlement.

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple might have to cough up $5 million per lawsuit to settle all claims. This would amount to a total of $30 million, and it would come on top of the $32 million that Apple already paid out for the original recall. Customers who were affected by the issue can receive a refund or a replacement keyboard.

Who are the plaintiffs in the case?

Apple is being sued for $5 million by a group of individuals who have claimed that the company’s butterfly keyboard design is faulty and causes them physical pain. The plaintiffs in the suit include people who work at Apple as well as consumers who have purchased Apple products in the past.

What do others think of this lawsuit?

According to a recent article in The Verge, Apple might finally be paying the price for the butterfly keyboard fiasco. The company is being sued by multiple individuals who allege that the keyboard design is defective and causes them pain.

It’s been reported that the lawsuit was filed in federal court in Northern California last month, and it alleges that Apple has known about the defect for at least two years. Plaintiffs in the suit include people who have suffered from chronic tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other injuries as a result of using the butterfly keyboard.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Apple has been sued over this issue. Back in 2014, another group of plaintiffs filed a similar lawsuit against Apple. However, because that case was pending at the time of its closure (in December 2017), Apple wasn’t officially part of that lawsuit.

This latest lawsuit could have big implications for Apple’s reputation. If it loses, it could end up having to pay out a lot of money to injured users… And that would definitely not be good news for the company’s bottom line!


What are the Apple keyboard problems?

Apple keyboards have been known to be problematic for a while now. Some users report that they have had difficulty typing due to the butterfly mechanism of the keyboard. Additionally, some users have found that their keyboard has stopped working altogether.

Is it just me or is the butterfly keyboard really having problems?

Unfortunately, many users seem to be experiencing issues with their Apple keyboards. It’s unclear if this is an isolated issue or if it’s indicative of a larger problem with the keyboard design. Regardless, it’s something that users should be aware of and keep in mind when considering whether or not to buy an Apple device.

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